MokkaFarms Frozen Natural Mango Pulp [Pack of 2 x 500g = Total 1 Kg] - Delivery ONLY in Hyderabad/ Bangalore!

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Preservative-Free, Chemical-Free!

MokkaFarms brings you Frozen Pulp of Naturally grown Mangoes from Hyderabad. The Mangoes are grown in the most natural way and in an environment/ soil that is chemical/ pesticide/ insecticide free. We then pulp the fresh mangoes - a good mix of Himayath/ Imam Pasand, Dasheri, and Pedda Rasalu, and freeze it before we deliver to our customers, as and when ordered.

Please note to deep-freeze in the refrigerator freezer, as soon as you get it, and then keep using it whenever you need it. It's extremely tasty and very natural, and you get the feeling of tasting high quality mangoes in all seasons throughout the year.