How to Use


Storing your coffee right is the key to a great tasting cup.

The best way to store your coffee is to keep it away from air, heat, light and moisture. Follow any of these methods to preserve your coffee fresh, longer :

1. Coffee is best stored in an opaque air-tight container in a cool, dry place.

2. Seal your coffee pouches properly after each use. The pouches that we provide work just like an air-tight container with an ease of use.

Never keep your coffee in a refrigerator as droplets of water start forming over the coffee deteriorating the quality. Additionally, coffee tends to pick the smell of items placed near it, so be careful - you do not want your coffee to smell like something that is not coffee.

Explore different methods of brewing coffee in this section. 


3 steps to a great coffee

1.Measure 3 spoons of fine ground coffee and 200 ml of hot water

2.Add coffee powder to the upper chamber of the filter , gently press with the disc and pour the hot water over it.

3.Wait for 15 mins to get the decoction to make a strong filter coffee using milk and sugar.