Pure Coffee - Theralu Robusta (100% Coffee, No Chicory)
Pure Coffee - Theralu Robusta (100% Coffee, No Chicory)
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Pure Coffee - Theralu Robusta (100% Coffee, No Chicory)

Silver Oak Estate
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Are you a fan of Pure 100% Coffee (with no Chicory mixed at all)?

We understand your love for coffee or nothing. Choose from various roast types and packaging sizes (250g and 500g).

Shipped out in less than 36 hours from placing your order, and delivered right at your doorstep in a hassle-free manner.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kabir Ahlawat
Good Quality and affordable price

Strong taste as Iike strong coffee. The quality is good and the price is much less than the other brand filter coffee.
I would like to order more of this coffee.
Me and my gf really like this one.

Good Quality

I'm a big fan of strong coffee, and Theralu Robusta really delivers. It's smooth and full-bodied, without any bitterness. Plus, I love knowing it's made with pure, ethically sourced beans.

Savithri Vaddadi
Good filter coffee

I came to know about Theralu coffee powderfrom my friend..The coffee powder has a good aroma.

Good and as expected

The coffee powder have a very good aroma and the freshness is very good. Have not expected this much. The product have met our expectations and my family members liked this very much.

Bhuma Srinivasan
I love my mokka coffee

I am a coffee lover and love pure coffee without adding chicory. I also want my coffee to retain that fresh aroma of coffee ground, days after the packet is opened.
My sister in law suggested Teralu. mokka coffee powder. it's very aromatic and the decoction is of thick consistency. I found the powder retains it's fresh aroma even days after I start using it.

I have shifted permanently to theralu and would gladly recommend it to my friends